[DE] Neues Buch von Maria Azua (IBM): The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking

Maria Azua, Vice President für Cloud Computing der IBM Enterprise Initiatives, hat ein Buch unter dem Titel „The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win through Mass Collaboration and Social Networkingveröffentlicht. Hier ein Ausschnitt aus der Pressemitteilung:

This book examines “The Social Age” in which we are all now living and working, which arose from the massive adoption of low-cost, Internet communication tools. Azua discusses the implications for companies that must now think and work differently by using these tools to encourage innovation and collaboration, both within employee communities and beyond company borders. The Social Factor draws on examples from IBM and other enterprises, as well as the Obama Presidential campaign, which illustrate the incredible power of social networking.“

Mehr in Kürze in einer Buchbesprechung.

Stefan Pfeiffer

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