SmartBlog On Social Media » E-mail: It’s not going anywhere yet

Last week’s poll question: With growth in the use of “always-on” social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as vehicles for communication, do you find that you use e-mail more or less often than you used to?

  • About the same, 59%
  • Somewhat less often, 28%
  • More often, 11%
  • Rarely use e-mail, 2%

“It’s going to be a long time coming before e-mail is replaced. It’s too ingrained in our business psyche and, for better or worse, established as part of the workflow. While it lacks efficiencies that new tools like Google Wave are attempting to address, it’s stock-standard — everyone knows how to use it.
That being said, I’m finding that much of the anecdotal types of communication with co-workers and colleagues that used to route through e-mail now find themselves being sent via Twitter or Yammer. That leaves the more weighty stuff for my inbox.” –Paul Chaney

E-Mail wird nicht so bald verschwinden. Wer hat es auch ernsthaft geglaubt. Trotzdem eine interessante Bestätigung.

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