[EN] Preparing for Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT: Best-Practices for Internal Communications 2.0 / 11-11-09

11:00 – 11:55

Best-Practices for Internal Communications 2.0
Conversational strategies are seen as a more effective way for assimilating and motivating co-workers in times of crisis. Weblogs and microblogging infrastructures can prove useful for corporate and project communications throughout the enterprise. The panel discusses best practices towards improving corporate communications.

Peter Reiser, Chief Architect SunSpace, Sun Microsystems

Jan Westerbarkey, CEO, Westaflex GmbH
Stefan Pfeiffer, Market Manager ECM & Lotus, IBM Deutschland

Just preparing for next weeks Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt. I am doing the moderation on Best-Practises for Internal Communication with Jan Westerbarkey and Peter Reiser on the podium.
Beyond my own „work“ at the Summit I am looking forward to get some good exchange of ideas, how we move the conecpt of Enterprise 2.0 forward. If you are participating I want to recommend the afternoon 16:55 session on Nov. 11 with Markus Bentele from Rheinmetall. Markus is a great speaker and very convincing how to use Social Software even in a high sensible environment.
On Nov. 12 at 8:30 my friend and colleague René Werth is participating in the discussion on discussion Organizational Schemes for the Enterprise 2.0.
If you are at the conference dont hesitate to contact René or myself. Even our Cyberjunkie Thorsten Zoernert will be around.
P.S. I’ve you want to be part of the event too, use the promotion code “e20stz” for a 200€ rebate when registering.

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