[EN] On our way to Influence Marketing – How to become the Chief Influence Officer …

A place at the board table for the Chief Influence Officer

The Chief Influence Officer is a different beast to the CMO. The most adaptable CMOs will morph into Chief Influence Officers, and let’s face it the title may not actually change but the role most certainly will.

The advent of the Chief Influence Officer marks the death of John Wanamaker’s adage „I know that half of my advertising doesn’t work… the problem is, I don’t know which half“. The encumbent knows precisely the state of all six influence flows at any point in time. She is sensitised to her organisation’s environment in a way that makes most CMOs today look like they work in little bubbles where they had no choice but to „make stuff up„.

A very tough promise, that we can really measure „influence“. The authors do propose an Influence Scorecard.

And here a visualization, where you can place people based on their influence and engagement.

KD Paine Influence Engagement matrix

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