[EN] Social Media Today | From Outside The Bubble- Why B2B marketers hate social media

But social media is by no means a silver bullet. It is a new and invaluable channel, but it is not effective unless it is integrated with other marketing channels. ITSMA research shows that B2B marketers are most successful when they use social media to drive prospects and customers to more “traditional” marketing channels such as the website and events.

Yet while social media should not become a separate silo within the marketing organization, it does require some new skills and thinking. For example, it requires a change in the culture of the company—which must accede to social media’s demand for more openness and less control over conversations with customers. Social media also comes with new rules of engagement for both marketers and employees, who will need to become spokespeople for the company and its brand.

Developing these new skills and ways of thinking takes time.

Some true statements. Every employee talking and writing about its work, products, projects or research in Social Media becomes a spokesperson for its company and brand.

And: It is not either do „traditional“ marketing or social media marketing. It is – as in the past -a marketing mix with the new ingredients of social media.

Marketing „controllers“ will hate it. Real Marketeers will take the opportunity to communicate with prospects, customers, partners, bloggers, the press …

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