[EN] How Marketing and Social Software Aligns | SocialComputingJournal.com

What’s exciting about how social media and social software aligns with marketing is that there are new opportunities that far surpass the old methods for marketing, and that’s where the magic truly hides. Marketers do have to understand the tools, but more so, here’s a quick list of what else needs to be understood:

  • From bullhorn to phone ? Your message is no longer to be shouted, but to be socialized.
  • From theater on the stage to theater in the round ? Marketing is human again. Don’t stay „on message.“ Stay connected to people.
  • From millions, to the right 10,000 ? Mass never worked well. It just did well enough. Find relationships that yield.
  • From campaign to community ? You’re in it for the long haul. Build awareness, reputation, and trust by being there.
  • From exclusion to „one of us“ ? Your customers (b2b or otherwise) want to be included in the whole experience, not just to buy.

Very well expressed summary, how marketing in social media changes the traditional way of marketing …

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