Is Cloud Computing Part of Enterprise 2.0? | The FASTForward Blog

What is happening, unfortunately, is that Enterprise/Web 2.0 and cloud are becoming two separate initiatives within enterprises, when they should be very closely linked. Because the essential value that Enterprise/Web 2.0 is bringing into organizations is the ability to conduct business, connect all essential parties in transactions, and open up formerly clogged information channels is through technology services that may be once, twice, or three times removed.  In other words, delivered from the cloud.  Facebook and Twitter are clouds, clear and simple.

As companies move to increase social networking and collaboration across their enterprises with internal and external tools and applications, the success of Enterprise 2.0 rests on their simplicity, accessibility and usability. In other words, complexity and technology issues are abstracted away from end-users.  This is also the goal of cloud computing.  Perhaps, on some level, cloud computing is actually “Enterprise 2.0″ for IT managers?


Not sure, if this is totally right. For sure we will see more and more collaboration and communication services into the cloud: File Sharing, project management, activity tracking, e-mail, onine conferencing … And after a time of reservation and caution because of security and privacy concerns more and more companies will move into the cloud for collaboration within and beyond company boundaries. Call it Enterprise 2.0. In IBM Lotus terms call it LotusLive.

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