What does the future hold for e-mail? | SmartBlog On Social Media

Let me tell you my dream. My dream is that Google will take what it learned from Google Wave and use it to make e-mail a really fluid social platform. I want to be able to send a message to small groups about something I’m considering, then easily switch to chat with group members in real time about their input. Then, when I feel the message is ready, I’ll be able to broadcast it across all my networks.

A very interesting article on the future of e-mail. Of course the author talks about private usage and Google with its announcement. Having seen a glance of Project Vulcan at Lotusphere 2010 with its integration of e-mail, social network capabilities, social software, instant messaging and much more. I can imagine to see a lot of the functionality Jesse Stanchak describes in Project Vulcan. (More than) A universal inbox with in place editing and all necessar collaboration and communication functions you do need in one interface. For the enterprise. Based on open standards. Let’s see, what the journey to Project Vulcan brings.

(This is a personal statement and opinion.)

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