The Forrester Blog: IBM’s Project Vulcan: A Blueprint For Business Inbox Next

My take is that Project Vulcan is nothing less than IBM’s blueprint for the future of business messaging and collaboration.

As a blueprint, Project Vulcan creates the vision and puts up the guardrails for other parts of IBM to exploit and for information workers (empowered by IT professionals) to experiment with. It’s a blueprint for inbox next. …/p>

  • Unlike Google Wave, which currently requires a wholesale transfer of a person’s attention from the inbox to the Wave, Vulcan builds on the experiences and applications you currently use.
  • Unlike Outlook, which is stuck in a three-year release cycle, Vulcan uses the Web to extend and enhance the messaging and collaboration toolkit on a rapid release cycle.
  • Unlike Cisco’s next-generation inbox, which has yet to be launched, Vulcan will have an 18 million user head start.

I’m intrigued. Are you?

Great take! No Google hype but talking about real value and vision for the Enterprise (2.0).

Critical mass matters for the success of social networking and collaboration. So does trust and track record. IBM/Lotus meets the security litmus test because of its proven ability to support enterprise needs across its product portfolio. Google has yet to earn that trust. …
Lotus is able to deliver what Google Wave fails to address: providing a solution that improves personal productivity without forcing a change in work behavior. The “build it and they will come” approach generally fails. Just look at any efforts around document collaboration and team sites usage. Incrementally improving upon the investments that you already have without forcing a cultural change, however, will be a powerful differentiator. Who knew? Lotus.

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