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The Enterprise 2.0 and the old boys networks (via MarijnLinssen.Com)

Todays enterprises are employed by Millennials and GenX, and run by BabyBoomers – and the gap will widen even more


An interesting Tweet by Martijn Linssen and a interesting post of him on adoption or adaption of the mechanism’s of Enterprise 2.0. He exoplains his tweet more in detail in his blog entry:

There we have all the forces in place:

– Enterprises are run by Boomers

– Enterprises are populated by GenX and Millennials

– Outside the door there is #E20 or #Social media or whatever you want to call it

– Millennials live in Social, GenX is quite good at picking it up

– Boomers are used to Push, Millennials to Pull, GenX is torn in between

Now the question is: adopt or adapt?


And a bit frustrating his review of the situation:

Picture old-fashioned managers, the Boomers, sitting behind their spreadsheets in their old boys networks – can you see them? Can you hear them? Sending one-way emails to their subordinates, creating Innovation Programmes in perfect isolation, populating those with their next-of-kin, preaching New Ways but practicing Old Ways, adding and adding to the already abundant overhead, suffocating any margin there is. Nepotism like in the old Roman days just before the collapse of the Empire


So where are we going to? I strongly believe that some in particular cultural and technological trends do drive change and can not be stopped or being reversed. And there I do agree with my IBM buddy and Hippie 2.0-forward thinker Luis Suarez:

Quite the opposite. I do believe that millennials, better said, a millenial working style will surely transform and shape how we conduct business at work today, …


But how far will these change go? A bit deeper than just the surface? Or is social only on the surface? And on the management floor the same old boys network is working in the same way it did since years. Management is going to support the Enterprise 2.0 only, if the mechanism’s (and the people) will generate more profit, reduce costs, streamline processes, maintain and extend knowledge … Or is the Hippie 2.0 and the Millenial changing the enterprise by his new cultural behaviour and working style?

I would love to hear your opinion.

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