It’s All Social Business At IBM’s Lotusphere – Everywhere & Anywhere: Passepartout

I couldn’t help noticing how the 2011 IBM is far different from the 1995 IBM when I attended my first Lotusphere. That year Microsoft was ascendant and the press (no blogosphere then) held IBM as a software dinosaur plodding on to obsolescence.  How the tables have turned! Now IBM ‘gets’ social,  cloud, mobile and enterprise while Microsoft, stumbles, several product cycles behind. IBM now talks ‘embedded experience’ and ‘experience anywhere.’ I’m not hearing this from the Microsofties.

LotusLive is really cool. As a frequent user of Google’s cloud offerings for documents, voice and e-mail in his personal life, I see IBM has matched what Google has done and upped the game. Enterprises are reluctant to use Google; they fear Google’s mysterious back-end and its confusing (missing) integration of these important features. CIOs hesitate to even dip a toe in the Google water.

I took my two „highlight“ quotes out of Passepartout’s posting.

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