The ROI of ROI: Does ROI Always Make Sense?

… ROI makes sense for campaigns and projects, but if what we’re really talking about is an evolution of business, then does it make sense to measure the ROI for an evolution?  If we all agree that “social,” both internally and externally, is going to be a new standard for how business is done, then isn’t the argument of ROI completely pointless?  Again, I’m asking this just to challenge you and to get you to think differently. …

The truth is, we can use data to tell any story we want to tell by picking and choosing which numbers we want to use and how we use them.  I can just as easily paint a positive picture with a set of data as I can a negative picture.

… I’ll leave you with a quote from Einstein:

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Na, dann sollten wir wohl das Rad neu erfinden 🙂

Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

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