Why IBM needs to get the Developers behind their Social Business-Strategy

A great piece by James Governor’s Monkchips on the need of getting developers on the IBM Social Business Strategy and to have them build on and around the IBM Social Business Toolkit:

I got back from Lotusphere in an interesting frame of mind. On the one hand something kind of amazing is happening. I could tell the Web developer/designers I share an office with that IBM was going to create opportunities for them in its customers. That’s right – the banks, the retailers, the insurance companies, the government departments- all of them are likely to buy into IBM Social Business story, and associated tech stack. The skills needed to extend and integrate with the environments, or even deploy them, are Web skills: REST, HTML5, Javascript and so on: IBM is going to create economic opportunities for the folks currently camped out in Silicon Roundabout. Weird, huh.

The problem is is that IBM is, as Alan Lepofksy says, so darned big. It is big. It feels big. its hard to navigate around. But developers don’t like stuff that’s hard to navigate. Developers want easy to navigate, with no barriers to entry. Developers don’t press buttons to call salesmen. Developers don’t register their details to download white papers. Shit – developers don’t even read white papers.

So what does IBM do? Create a new brand- IBM WebStack say? Does it go with a functional description – The Social Business SDK?

The problem as I see it is that developers don’t see themselves in those terms. You’re not going to hear one say: “I am a social business developer.” A social business consultant perhaps – there are, and will be, no shortage of those. But developers are going to build the new world, and IBM needs to court them in language they use.

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