Social Software Evangelists are their own worst Enemy – New Paper by Deloitte on the value of Social

Skepticism with social software persists, in part, because social software evangelists are their own worst enemy. They have failed to effectively communicate how social software can drive real operating benefits.

What a statement. Interesting paper and I do like in particular the following:

The current technologies support standard business processes but fail to support the dynamic informal communications needed for resolving exceptions. Employees need tools that enable them to navigate organizational boundaries, connect to the right people and accelerate exception resolution.

In the White Paper it even goes more into detail on exception handling as business norm:

Exceptions are the norm
One consequence of the Big Shift is that, increasingly, employees encounter non-routine issues which break the standard processes. These “exceptions” impede operating processes and drag down business performance across all parts of the organization. Employees spend hours, or days, attempting to find relevant information and expertise in an environment of proliferating information flows. Often, they either guess or create a solution from scratch. The current technologies store information and support standard business processes but fall short of supporting the dynamic informal communications needed for handling exceptions. To improve efficiency and effectiveness, employees need tools that enable navigating across organizational boundaries, connecting to the right people, and accelerating exception resolution.

I was attending a podium discussion at the Xing Content Management Lounge yesterday. My buddy Michael Kirchner presented IBM Case Manager, a great tool for managing cases like credit approvals in banking, claims processing insurance or healthcare cases. And in comparison to the systems of the last years a much more flexible and intelligent tool, which does not freeze standard business processes with no possibilty for exceptions. Nevertheless such a solution needs to be supplemented by Social Software and a network enterprise. It will need more evangelizing to convince the business leaders from the need for standardized processes while maintaiing and supporting social software for communication, collaboration and networking: “ Social software is essential to meet the challenge of constant change“.



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