Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google+ | Social Media Today

Google Has the Hammers to Compel Usage of Plus

… Recognize that Google actually owns the first AND second biggest search engines in the world, since YouTube is currently #2. … Google has inserted so many tentacles into so many crevices of our digital lives, that they can compel us to use Plus via integrations and reminders in (just a starter list):

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Picasa
  • Maps
  • Android (the app for Plus is fantastic)
  • Chrome
  • Analytics
  • Blogger

Google has an operating system (Chrome), a browser (Chrome), and the leading mobile platform (Android). Facebook has none of these, …

… Google opens up business pages on Plus to Adwords customers. Any clicks and +1 (Google’s version of Facebook “like”) your business content receives on Plus has a direct impact on your organic search engine rankings, while your Facebook activity continues to have no impact. …

I’m not predicting the death of Facebook (or even Twitter), but smart companies will spend some time this summer making sure they’re focused on how to BE social, and not how to DO social on a particular platform. Because eventually, the tools always change online.


A good summary on Google’s „to-much-power“. For sure I am not a friend of Facebook and it’s privacy regulations (I own my content, not Facebook). And I am not a friend of a monopolist pretending to be the „good don’t-be-evil company“, while owning and expanding its power on search, on mobile devices, on social, on browser, on … and … and …

Nobody should forget, how Google and Facebook earn their money …

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