Attachments Are Evil | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

Thanks for Wasting Everyone’s Time.

…, here is the message that I would like to email back in response:

Dear Sender,

I writing in response to that document you just sent me by email. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it, which is not at all. I am sure that the document you sent might be useful to me someday, but for that to happen, I need to store it someplace where I will find it again when I need it. …

I am sure that you meant well, and imagine how awkward it is for me to complain about the document you are sharing with me. …

May I suggest a better way: put the document in a repository or document management system that is accessible to everyone. …

Yes, I know this is a little more work than just mailing the document as an attachment. But a couple of minutes of your time could save hours across the entire organization. …

I am doomed to be an email attachment librarian for the foreseeable future.


I like this idea of sending an e-mail to all these guys sending me megabytes of attachments. Even within my company – which has all technical capabilities to store and securely share documents – I do get by far to many files by e-mail from colleagues. I should seriously consider to draft such an e-mail …There are so many reason to share instead of to send …

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