How social technologies and behaviour are changing the Enterprise and the relationship to customers

This is the presentation I gave at the GUIDE Executive Club in Munich on March, 27, 2012 on Social Business.

And here are my Top 10 predictions for Social Business in 2012 – of course with my perspective as IBM Marketer for Social Business in Europe:

  1. It is more than a Facebook for the Enterprise (but it helps explaining the value).
  2. E-Mail gets social. And Social Software integrates Social Mail and Calendaring.
  3. Of course Text messaging, but more and more Video and Audio become important in Realtime Communication.
  4. We are in the Age of the Shareaholics: From Sending to Sharing.
  5. We enter the Age of Co-Editing. From the Office-package to the Social Editor. Content Management (ECM) gets integrated with Social Software, one reason is Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC).
  6. Activity Streams are not only a flow of information and a news feed, but become important for embedded editing of Business events. Standards like OpenSocial allow easier integration.
  7. A Social Business is always Mobile Business. Mobile devices, Tablets and Smart Phones drive eas of use of Business Software.
  8. Facing the enormous amount of information setting this information into context becomes more and more important. Social Analytics helps managing the news ffed and puts information into context.
  9. Socialize your Web Sites: The web sites of an enterprise need to be uptodate, attractive, mobile, interaktive und dialogue driven.
  10. In the Age of Social Business people are in the centre and create value, not documented. Therefore more and more companies decide for Social Software from IBM to „socialize“ their Microsoft environment, even or in particular Sharepoint.

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