At work or not, employees‘ social actions affect brand equity and value | SmartBlogs

This week we asked, Do you believe brands should be held responsible for the personal posts of their employees?

  • No — an employee’s personal posts have nothing to do with their employer: 75.95%
  • Yes — brands should be judged by the kinds of people they hire: 24.05%

…If employees are posting on the social Web, whether you like it or not, it has the potential to affect an individual’s perception of your brand and company. Period.

… But what I am advocating is developing an understanding within your company of how everything we say or do on the social Web has the potential to link back and become a reflection of the company. Don’t ignore this fact, embrace it.

It’s dangerous thinking to believe that employee personal posts have nothing to do with their employer. In an ideal world maybe … but definitely not the world we live in today. At work or not, employee social actions impact brand equity and value.

So true and I can only emphasize the need to have education in place. Trying to ban Social Media is not an option. Embrace, but with well-trained employees and a strategy behind it.

Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

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