Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know (CMSwire)

Great summary on the development of modern web sites and the challenges coming up:

In the midst of this digital transformation, companies and public agencies realized they needed to be where the conversation was. Their websites were no longer to be treated as a form of static, one-way content broadcast. Websites had to be the hub for conversation, community and commerce. All websites needed to be born social, mobile and cloud-ready. …

The mass movement into mobile will shift gears in 2013 as marketers realize the need to make their mobile strategy a multi-channel strategy — … Here, the opportunity is for Web content management to serve as the unified platform for a multi-channel content strategy that incorporates mobile experiences.

In order to accomplish this, Web content management systems must enable responsive design, touch UI and the ability to support not only mobile sites but also mobile application authoring. Mobile is such a critical channel that enterprises can’t afford to have it exist on its own island. …

Digital marketers will need to measure and tie their social marketing outreach across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to actual transactions and engagement on their own brand sites. …

Web CMSs will need to seamlessly integrate with analytics, back-end systems like CRM and social profiles from third-party social tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. …

2013 will be the year organizations devoted to staying relevant in the 21st century will need to get serious about how they build out their brand’s digital entity. Aggressive execution starts with a Web content management foundation that quickly ties data insights to action, fully supports mobile and social interactions and delivers relevant content to each visitor.

via Four Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know.

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