How the customer experience sets you apart in the age of Social Business: Part 1 — The value of knowing your customer | SmartBlogs

My blog posting on Customer Experience is now being published on SmartBrief for Social Media. This is Part 1. Part 2 to follow soon.

Customer satisfaction is an aim that every company — whether in the B2C or B2B business — has been pursuing for years. Or at least that’s what they all claim. Whether companies actually do what it takes to satisfy their customers is another question altogether. …

The way I see it, customer satisfaction has become even more important in the age of social business, since social media channels have given customers much more power. In the past, complaints could often be swept under the carpet. But now it’s easy to make them public, so keeping customers happy is becoming more important than ever. In English, a term has emerged that goes beyond mere customer satisfaction. “Customer experience” is all about the consumer’s overall experience with a company and its products and services.

via How the customer experience sets you apart in the age of social business: Part 1 — The value of knowing your customer | SmartBlogs.

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