You need vocal Thought Leaders to influence the influencers …

Good article on Brand Marketers and Social Media. In particular I agree with the statements on influencers and bloggers. Most of marketers do not yet understand, how it works. And they don’t understand, that they need quality content and vocal thought leaders to influence the influencers! It is not about sending out the same Marketing messages to influencers. It will even make things worse.

Where Influencers Really Hang

… A majority of influencers (59%) aren’t producing much content on anything other than their blogs. Influencers use Twitter, Facebook and Google+, of course, but not to publish works so much as promote their works on other sites, like blogs.

What influences the bloggers? The biggest source of influence for 18% of the bloggers surveyed is… other bloggers. That’s how many say blogs are “very influential,” while 11% found colleagues to be very influential and Twitter was very influential for another 10% of the bloggers.

via Brand Marketers Totally Miss Social Media Influencers – ReadWrite.

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