IBM MobileFirst and IBM’s Social Business Vision – @MichaelSampson

Michael Sampson on the IBM Mobile:

There’s a new phrase – a “mobile enterprise” or a “mobile business.” With IBM’s concurrent activities in the “social business” space, I hope they have designed in a structure for collaboration across these major initiatives internally and with respect to customer engagements. It’s going to be no good for customers if they have to deal with a barrage of outreach from different areas of IBM about being a “mobile business” here, a “social business” there, and a “big data business” over there. Indeed these need to come together.

via IBM MobileFirst – Michael Sampson on Making Collaboration Work.

My comment: Mobile, Cloud and Big Data are of course baked into the Social Business vision. So these topics are already, but we need to make sure that we do communicate this properly. As Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM’s Social Business Division, said at IBM Connect, in the future this going to be simply Business. Or we go with my friend Luis Suarez calling it Open Business. Anyway: The important thing is that all elements are baked in and interlocked.

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