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Obviously I do believe in Blogs – and in the new Social Age, where influencers can become as important as Journalists or Analysts in the past decade. The new Technorati study confirms my thoughts on blogs and bloggers, and that brands do not yet recognize the full importance:

Top brands spend a limited amount of time reaching out to influencers for marketing purposes, but these individuals—generally bloggers or social media users with a greater than average reach among consumers—still have a significant presence in the marketplace. …

However, while most brands devote some money to influencer marketing, the amount is limited. Brands spent only 12% of their social budgets on influencers and bloggers.

… According to the survey, blogs were considered more likely to influence an internet user’s purchase decision than any other social channels, including Facebook. Only brand and retailer’s sites ranked higher.

Blogs are the primary place where influencers engage with online fans: 86% of those individuals who Technorati Media deemed influencers blogged regularly, and more than half operated between two to five blogs.

Influencers also have some of the greatest potential to help brands achieve earned media goals, including gaining social media fans and website traffic. …

via Brands Leverage Influencers’ Reach on Blogs, Social – eMarketer.


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