“Vorsprung durch Technik”: Why Germany Needs to Become a Social Business

This is the English language version my blog posting, why Germany needs to become a Social Business – just to stay ahead in global competition … And replace Germany with your country, if the challenges are the same:

If you had asked me four years ago how successful social business concepts would be in German companies, I would have answered very cautiously.

The Germans are justifiably known for their prudence when it comes to introducing new technologies. We are one of the nations that have thought longest and hardest about data security and protection, and are right to have done so. However, German companies have pleasantly surprised me. For Germany actually appears to be one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to adapting social business concepts — or at least, that is what my experiences with many of my clients suggest.

via Progress through Technology: Why Germany Needs to Become a Social Business.

P.S. My suggestion for the headline originally was “Vorsprung durch Technik“. This slogan and ad campaign from German Car manufacturer Audi really is to the point, what I am trying to say in my posting. Do you remember the Audi Quattro ads?

Vorsprung durch Technik and the Audi Quattro on the Audi Canada HomePage
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