Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results on Social Business

Interesting result out of a McKinsey survey confirming that Social is on the rise and merging with Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. Beyond technology it is obvious, that organizational barriers and change seems to be the most challenging issue:

With respect to productivity benefits in particular, the results indicate that companies must invest time and effort to enable greater productivity (particularly among knowledge workers) and competitive advantage. The likely need for significant organizational change is a challenging problem—and one that must be met by doing far more than changing the tools in a company’s portfolio. Companies can realize potential advantages more quickly by getting started early on the organizational transformations that will facilitate better use of technologies.

One way to facilitate and encourage more employee use of social technologies—and thus enhance their related benefits—is equipping workers with mobile access to these tools. Companies can also deploy cloud-based solutions when appropriate to make these solutions more scalable and decrease time to value.

via Evolution of the networked enterprise: Survey results – McKinsey Quarterly – High Tech – Strategy & Analysis.

Two graphs out of the study (you should read online or download). Which technologies are being used and which risks are being seen:



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    This study from McKinsey (thanks to @digitalnaiv for his short snappy synopsis) highlights the wealth of interactional data that will be available for companies to leverage as part of this enterprise bigdata analytics strategy. It’s the gold dust that I’ve referred to in my earlier blog post talking about “The Future of Business Analytics; from Transactional to Interactional”. This is the motherload for us data scientists, and the companies that can maximize its value will reap the rewards.

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