SharePoint was never about people and the way they need to work

A very interesting posting on CMSwire on Sharepoint. Obviously I do agree with a lot of the statements Rich Blank is making and I have selected the ones I like most:

Short term cost savings and big promises haven’t exactly resulted in a measurable expected return or changed business user perception. Organizations are still dealing with hundreds if not thousands of legacy SharePoint silos from SP2003, 2007 or 2010. People are still overloaded by email and have difficulty finding experts and information easily. Yes, here we are in 2013 … and so many of us are still working like it’s the 1990’s!!!

The problem is that SharePoint was never about people and the way they need to work and the way they want to work.  At its core, SharePoint is all about content — a „multi-tool of content technologies.“  It has always been such an „IT-centric“ driven platform that has never been all that easy for end users.

Today, organizations are a network of global and mobile consumers, employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers. Now more than ever, collaboration happens on a mass scale.  Today’s enterprise is driven by consumer-minded end users who demand a future BYOD social mobile business world in the cloud.

Microsoft buying Yammer was an indirect admission of the failure of SharePoint as a collaboration platform and a clear message that SharePoint isn’t the future.

Instead of Microsoft inspiring and illuminating us all, we are again left with uncertainty about the future because we all know that social collaboration is much more than just a newsfeed.

For some, the O365 cloud bundle and Yammer’s expected integration might seem like the path of least resistance. If history is any indication, decisions based on short term cost savings and big promises often fail to deliver the value we expect and fail to change work as we know it today. When making decisions about social, mobile and the cloud, the last thing you want is „business as usual“ just hosted somewhere else.

via Is SharePoint a Failed Vision for Collaboration?.

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