C’mon guys, let’s get serious about Privacy!

I rarely reblog postings, usually prefer to spread the word through different Social Channels, but this posting by Marie Wallace is in my opinion so importamt, that it absolutely needs to be reposted. Thank you, Marie! Excellent summary and urgent job on all of our shoulders in the near future!

Marie's Ramblings & Ruminations

And by guys I mean the folks (myself included) invested in a future that is analytics-powered and socially-enabled, a future that is heavily reliant on people’s willingness to share information.

Why my call to action now? Well thanks to Prism privacy is currently top of mind, but there is also another reason. I firmly believe that if we don’t get our act together and start designing privacy into the fabric of what we are building, we are going to completely undermine the industry that we are trying to build for ourselves.

Over the last few months I’ve been buried in privacy design work which has frankly been fascinating and head-wrecking at the same time. Its involved numerous legal reviews for compliance of corporate and in-country laws, several iterations of my privacy model, and finally design & redesign of the architecture in order to support the model. It’s been excruciatingly painful…

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