Will executives have the courage to let social media transform the way companies work?

Very useful reading on leadership in the age of Social Business!

„Today’s companies might look to these older forms of organizing for guidance on how to manage in this fast-changing, social media-driven business environment. Managing in this environment will require allowing, enabling and empowering employees to act strategically and with less direct oversight. It will require educating these employees on the organization’s strategic objectives and developing “rules of engagement” that guide employee action. It will require that executives learn new ways of managing and leading. Companies and executives may look to structures of the past for lessons on how to lead in the future.

The most pressing questions facing organizations are whether executives have the courage to let social media transform the way those companies work, and whether they have the confidence to adapt their own leadership styles in response.“

Here is the URL for this bookmark: Social Business: Flat or Hierarchical? A Surprising Answer | MIT Sloan Management Review

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