Instead of BYOD and BYOA for File Sharing: File Sync in IBM Connections Mobile

When flipping through my RSS Reader today, two articles got my special attention, because they were a perfect fit. One is a German language posting on Computerwoche, the most relevant German IT publication. Saying in my words the postings refers to a study where users say, they are using BYOD – and Bring Your Own Application just because they have no solution for professional and secure use from their IT department. The study says 74 of the users would prefer to use tools provided by IT.

When doing presentations and roundtables I am always asking the attendees, who is using Dropbox or similar tools for their job sharing Enterprise-relevant documents over this service. The number of fingers showing up is always extremely impressive. People are honest and a bunch of them are aware of the security and compliance issues coming up in using such not enterprise-secure or -approved services.  But they complain, that IT is not providing adequate solutions to make them really productive and allow them working mobile. The study found out, that even 71 % of the people interviewed are expecting to use services like Dropbox even more … Shocking? Or just reality …

Ad of course I do know the challenges myself very well. I am quite often on the road with my tablet only – still an iPad 1 … wow -, while leaving my MacBook at home. Currently I was synchronizing my files – very often presentations – manually before going on the road. But of course I would prefer an automated service synching my most relevant  and most recent documents automatically. I want – and need them – with me, managed in a secure manner, so that in the worst case of loosing my tablet nobody can access IBM confidential information.

Luis Benitez is just announcing a secure solution in his blog (and this is the second posting I am referring to):

By now, you are probably aware that we have updated our social collaboration cloud services and that the latest monthly release of the IBM Connections mobile apps have been posted to the app stores …

The big feature this time around for IBM Connections is File Sync which started rolling out to users Monday and should be available to all cloud users by Friday of this week.

via Socialize Me: A Key Social Business Benefit: Remove Barriers to Collaboration.

Here is a demo of File Sync and IBM Docs on the iPad not only demonstrating the synchronization of files but also mobile editing of documents on the iPad with IBM Docs. How cool!

You want to give a try? Register this friday – when the new sync service is most probably available – here for a 60 day trial version of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and download the mobile App for iOS or Android. And then get started and make your secure mobile, social cloud experience!

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