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I wouldn’t use the term ‘knowledge’, instead information, but beyond that I do agree with Bruce Elgan. We need to learn ways, how to effectively navigate through the flood of information or knowledge and access the right knowledge at the right time. As an ‘information junkie’ I know the challenge very well: E-Mails, RSS Feeds, Tweets, alerts from my social networks, it is overwhelming. And I believe that we do need more intelligent filtering mechanisms and systems beyond the own behavior and discipline.

This highlights an important differentiator between successful and unsuccessful professionals: The ability to maintain ignorance about irrelevant, misleading, trivial, pointless, redundant and obsolete knowledge.

In this world, context, ethics, planning, analysis and wisdom is far more rare—those traits are therefore more valuable than knowledge. But they take reflection and reflection takes time. If we’re not careful, the constant tsunami of knowledge displaces the time we need to think for ourselves.

Time Is The Most Valuable Resource We Have

There’s never enough time to learn all the things we want to learn. And that’s why the ability to control what we know—to seek out the right knowledge and block the wrong knowledge from coming at us—is the most important skill now and into the future.

via NetAppVoice: Knowledge Is Easy, Ignorance Is Hard (5 Ways To Win) – Forbes.

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