If companies want employees to effectively redistribute their knowledge, they need to richly reward

Another great posting by Marie Wallace. If we want to have our employees out there as brand ambassadors, we need to motivate them. Measurement and dashboards are very often not motivational. This is quite often seen as additional tracking and employees are tired of tracking. We need to reward, help and coach people, not track them over and over again. You can find my more detailed thoughts here.

If companies want employees to effectively redistribute their knowledge, they need to ensure that those employees are richly rewarded. However not all sharing is created equal, and some shared knowledge is more valuable than others. Let’s look at this from the perspective of The Knowledge Economy, with social measurement providing a mechanism to allow employees most effectively monetize their skills & knowledge. We need a mechanism (Personal Dashboard?) that allows employees maximize their value by helping them identify the knowledge (or network) they have that may be valuable, to whom, and when. Maybe they have a nugget of information or a contact that could help close a sales deal, they don’t just know it. By helping employees to understand their own value and guiding them on how to most effectively act on it, it maximizes their contribution and ensures that they get rewarded appropriately. To achieve this we need to be measure personal contribution, but most importantly we need a mechanism to reward it. Some folks call it social performance reviews, I call it good business.

The true value of social analytics is all about the individual, look after employee analysis and the organizational reporting will look after itself.

via Be social & collaborate! Why? Because I say so :-/ | Marie’s Ramblings & Ruminations.

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