A Manifesto For A Third Way of Work – Chautauqua

Thank you, Sebastian Thielke, for making me aware of this manifesto. Really interesting and worth to read:

Whatever else we may think about the conduct of business today, two points should remain foremost in our minds:

Business leaders are hoping for an additional round of productivity improvements to remain competitive in an accelerating economy, but they are uncertain how this will be achieved, given rising uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, and volatility. It seems clear that automation — Watson-level AI and autonomous robots — may account for some of that, but something unknown needs to be added. The machines alone cannot do it.

Employee engagement is at an all-time low, with Gallup reporting that only 29% are actively engaged with work. This is an indictment of the present form factor of work, and those that advocate it.

The third way of work is as big a break with the industrial model as the industrial model was with the time of artisanal and agricultural work that preceded the rise of steam power and electricity. Unlike that transition, however, we will not be looking for inspiration from armies, or the slave battalions that built the pyramids. No, instead we will look to nature, or the growth of cities for inspiration.

… A new generation of work management tools is coming that will, to quote Ginni Rometty of IBM, serve as your production line, not as your water cooler.

via A Manifesto For A Third Way of Work – Chautauqua.

Sure the new tools are there and improving. But let us be crystal clear: It is about cultural change. Tools are secondary.

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