Aware of any SocialMedia Dashboard taking into consideration sending in different time zones and languages?

Autoschedule in Hootsuite ...
Autoschedule in Hootsuite …

I am a user of Hootsuite for quite a while and sometimes I am playing around with Buffer to schedule Social Media messages into different channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+-Pages etc. The tools offer either to manually select the times to spread the messages – Buffer – or to auto-schedule the distribution time – Hootsuite -. Auto-scheduling sounds great to me, if the tool takes into consideration:

  • Whom do I – as a sender – want to reach? Local, worldwide, European audience?
  • In which language is the Social media message being send? English, German, French …

I have the very strong feeling that recommendations e.g. from Hootsuite are based on American time zone(s). And analytics tools like Crowdbooster, SocialBro and others seem to work the same way only focussing on US and not taking care of sender preferences.

Any tools or approaches you are aware off, which might help?

Buffer allows to select time zone and to schedule publishing times ...
Buffer allows to select time zone and to schedule publishing times …

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