Social Media and Social Business, Side by Side (via @csrollyson)

Interesting table comparing the characteristics of typical Social Media and what we now call Social Business. I do not agree in all aspects, but I find it useful, in particular when recognizing, that people – even so called serious journalists – still mix it up. Nevertheless I still believe, that Social Media is best defined as part of Social Business. But we need to continue educating …

Will Social Business replace marketing-centric, SPAM-ming Social Media? Not sure, but I do hope so.

Social Media and Social Business, Side by Side

Social Media  Characteristic Social Business
Peer-to-peer, digital Technology Peer-to-peer, digital
Improve brand/product/service image to boost sales Strategic goal Increase trust of customers/prospects to deepen commitment & boost sales
Entice affinity and product sales Tactical goal Enable customer outcomes of using products
Promoting brand/products by sharing content Core activity Collaborating by listening to & helping people
Outbound, brand-controlled with some customer input Communications Interactive, customer-controlled
Affinity-oriented social actions: likes, comments, shares Key metrics Trust-oriented social actions: how-to discussions & advice
Outsourced Operations Internal teams
Brand pages & accounts Core venues Customer & third-party forums, pages & accounts

In summary, I predict that the importance of social media marketing will shrink while the need for social business will displace it. The speed at it happens will vary by culture, geography, industry and several other factors.

via Using Social Media and Social Business Together to Evolve Experience.

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