IBM infusing Watson in all of their Enterprise Social Applications (and beyond)

And here is my second ‘curated’ clipping on IBM Connect covering the importance of Analytics and Watson not only for IBM Mail Next. Here Scott Raynovich covers the importance of AI and Watson:

The Growth of AI

IBM has made it clear Watson is a big part of its future. At its IBM Connect 2014 conference in Orlando, Fla. this week, IBM talked about the merging of Watson and analytics technologies with broader platforms in social and collaboration. For example, IBM announced its Mail Next product will use analytics to help users automate the management of inbox items.

Analysts observed that the injection of AI technology goes further than just Mail Next. IBM is trying to tie Watson into nearly everything it does.

“The interesting part we learned this week is that IBM is  working really hard to infuse Watson and Connexa in all of their enterprise social applications,” said David Schubmehl, Research Director with International Data Corp. (IDC).

via Google, IBM and the Battle for Automated Customer Experience.

IBM puts Watson at work. Check out this web page for more information on Watson and Engagement.

Watson goes to work
Watson goes to work

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