IBM’s ‘Mail Next’: Not enough to switch from Outlook and Exchange?

IBM’s new social business enterprise email collaboration software “Mail Next” is a “great idea” and “represents the natural convergence of social and email.” …

Richard Edwards, principal analyst for Enterprise IT at Ovum Research. “But changing the habits of a working lifetime is not going to be easy, so a two-pronged approach is needed, and IBM is the only mainstream enterprise vendor offering this today.” …

Mail Next pulls together social feeds and email into the same application and, based intelligence and the user’s habits, will help the user to focus on which items deserve their focus and attention, said Scott Liewehr, president and principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group

Merging IBM Connections and email is a great idea and will make for a better overall communications experience, Petrocelli said. But it’s not going to be enough, he said, to get people to switch from Outlook and Exchange if that’s what they already have. …

via Is IBM’s ‘Mail Next’ Just Google Plus for Enterprise Email? #IBMConnect.

My Point of view can be expected: Others may be able to combine Social and Email. But who is able to infuse Watson and its Artificial Intelligence into Email and Social? NOBODY as I see it right now. This is the killer feature and everybody should think about the potential ROI, how much time and value every email user gains!

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