Is Privacy is Overrated?

Guess what? New research from IBM shows customers are willing to share their personal information, especially if they get something in return.

via Privacy is Overrated: Ask Your Customers and They Will Tell.

Completely wrong: Beyond being naive, people will be very soon willing to share information only if they get something valid in return.

Oh, sure, there are select minorities: vociferous privacy advocates, technophobes — Utopian dreamers. But then there is everyone else. And most people seem willing to tell you just about anything, even before you ask, with little regard for privacy.

via Privacy is Overrated: Ask Your Customers and They Will Tell.

And don’t look only on the United States. The Europeans – some more or less – are really disappointed. People expect and prefer personalized marketing, but they don’t like to get spied. In particular from people who call themselves friend …

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