IBM on Mail Next: An opportunity for the market after 20 years Email preventing productive work


Another piece on IBM Mail Next:

„We recognize that there is a need for a suite of capabilities to handle social business — that’s why we are including Mail Next in Connections,“ Reeves said. „We also recognize that some customers will want Mail Next independently, and so we intend to market it as an individual offering as well.“

Reeves said pricing will be available upon general availability later this year.

On the whole, email is not dead, Reeves said when asked.

„Absolutely not. Although, the way the world communicates is certainly changing,“ he added. „As we study social trends and demographics from users around the world, from various countries and companies, we see all kinds of e-communication vehicles being used. But, at this point, there is no e-communication vehicle that represents the kind of firm and secure system, as far as corporate governance, that companies demand.“

IBM, Reeves said, sees the evolution of mail as a „representative point of change that the market is asking vendors to embrace.““For 20 years,“ Reeves added, „email has essentially remained the same — communication that arrives in chronological order that users must manually prioritize, preventing productive work from occurring. This is an opportunity for the market, at the same time that social business is becoming a mandate around the world.“

via IBM on Mail Next: No One Else Offers Anything Like This.

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