IBM Mail Next: Center of the Connection Universe

Great to read from somebody knowing MHS – I remember myself installing daVinci eMail and Beyond Mail -, and working for one of the rising stars in Workflow Action Technologies (which failed beyond a lot of others):

Center of the Connection Universe

Of course, the world has moved on in the last 20 years and the communication and interaction game isn’t only email anymore. We’ve got numerous ways that we interact with others. As a result while email is the center of the known communication universe, we still have to contend with blogging, microblogging, social networking, instant messaging and a variety of variants, in how we communicate with one another. IBM’s Mail Next seems positioned to bring together disparate channels of communication into one dashboard.

Mail Last

The features, as described, for Mail Next are compelling. It’s a way to help deal with the information overload that we are all coping with. Time will tell whether the solution comes into existence as it’s envisioned today, but whether it does or not, there are some great opportunities to think differently about how we process email. I had better get back to my inbox, for now.

via Email Reimagined: Memories of Coordinator in Visions of Mail Next.

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