Superior Messaging is insuffcient to maintain Market Share


IBM Mail Next works again Domino. And is an opportunity, that Domino even becomes better, an opportunity for app developers and a chance for the growth of a strong eco system:

So what’s the good news? While many were so impressed with what they did see that they just assumed it would no longer be on Domino (running, presumably, on some flavor of Websphere instead), that’s apparently not the case. In a sense, this would become the new iNotes. But a rumor I’ve heard is that Domino as it exists today can’t even do everything it would need to do for Mail Next as currently proposed to even function within Domino. This implies that Domino is about to get better again. It’s been getting better at a far faster rate than it used to, and that’s awesome. And if Mail Next is the sales catalyst that gives the programmability folks the leverage to implement some awesome features that can, in turn, be used by app developers to create even more powerful functionality than we already can, huzzah.

But what I’m even more excited about is the likelihood that IBM actually does realize all of this, that they’ve learned the lesson that, by all appearances, is still lost on BlackBerry: superior messaging is insuffcient to maintain market share. You need passionate customers. And passionate customers have a thriving app ecosystem. This is what IBM will be most heavilly focused on as Domino, SameTime, Mail Next, and what we already know of as Connections, all just become Connections. It will become easier than ever for custom app developers to give IBM’s customers an app ecosystem that fosters the passion that ensures that the IBM collaboration software stack plays an integral role in those customers‘ long-term success, because this is IBM’s number one priority for the future of that software stack. This needs to be true, so I choose to believe that it is.

via Tip of the Iceberg :: the more essential it is, the less passionate we are.

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