Analytics & Talent Suite: Marriages made in Software Heaven

IBM Connect was not only on IBM Mail Next.

It was refreshing to hear presenters talk about analytics from a research perspective, with results based on science rather than casual chat about mere metrics that may be devoid of business value.  The talent suite itself embeds both analytics and social collaboration in each talent area: talent acquisition and talent optimization, and includes the broad assessment capabilities provided by Kenexa.

Watson will apparently have the ability to analyze all the unstructured data stemming from employees every day:  Tweets, social network postings, online video content, and more, can be added to quantitative or survey data on engagement, succession readiness, and myriad other HCM concepts to better ascertain the pulse of the workforce, potentially leading to better ability to predict falling morale, low engagement, or likely attrition – before the workforce abandons the ship.  The end result may prove significant in providing a means for HR professionals to evaluate large amounts of data (dare we say “big” data) to determine the traits, skills and experiences of employees that correlate with their top performers on the job, their best retained new hires, and their most engaged workers.

Not only are there underpinnings like social and Watson Foundation in the works, today’s solution set has a new face: a persona-based interface model is clean and intuitive. Tailored portals are designed for the roles of the job candidate, the employee, and the managers (see Figure 1, note that Greenwell is a fictitious bank devised for demonstration purposes (Source: IBM. 2014)).

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