Spending More Time On Smartphone Than With Partner – Workforce Myths Busted – Forbes

My two favorite quotes out of an article from Jeanne Meister on Five Workforce Myths Busted  on Forbes:

These days, work is life, and life is work; our jobs are seamlessly blended into all aspects of our personal lives. According to research by Samsung, we even spend more time on our smartphones today (119 minutes a day) than with our partners (97 minutes a day.) If you challenge this fact, I encourage you to test it out at your own home!

… While researching my book, The 2020 Workplace, many of the Millennials I interviewed, (born between 1977 and 1997 and soon to be 50% of the workforce) said they already believed the work-life balance concept was long dead. They expect work and life to completely blend together in today’s 24/7 world. …

According to the McKinsey & Company research report The Social Economy, the average knowledge worker spends an estimated 20% of his or her time each week looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues to help with specific tasks. But when companies leverage an internal social collaboration tool, communication with colleagues becomes into searchable content, and this reduces search time by 35%. Think of this as getting back 35% of your workweek!

via Five Workforce Myths Busted – Forbes.

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