The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics

I like this posting by Rich Blank on the Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics. Here are some of my favorite quotes out of the posting – and a good graphic representing the Collaboration game:

Let’s face it: Getting people’s attention, getting time on their calendar, getting them on the phone, getting people to collaborate on anything is like herding cats. Competing demands personally and professionally, increasing amount of information in an increasing variety of forms from an increasing number of channels — that’s why the future of collaboration will focus on engagement and the underlying analytics that drive human behavior, productivity, efficiencies, satisfaction, revenue opportunities or other metrics impacting your organization. …

Devices Matter

In today’s busy world, collaboration requires access across multiple devices. In particular, mobile drives engagement because of the convenient anywhere, anytime, and real-time benefits.

via The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics.

I needed to pick that one – not only just because of my two cats but furthermore based on my experience how few people are really engaged and how difficult it is to get attention.

Junk In = Junk Out

We all know the phrase and this has never been more relevant than in the world of enterprise collaboration today. Engagement gets the junk in while analytics gets the junk out. And the future of collaboration involves big data analytics that track, measure and report on the impact of communications, collaborative efforts and overall productivity. …

From those collaborative analytics, you can unlock HUGE opportunities for productivity, efficiencies, cost savings and revenue that previously could never be realized. It’s a collaborative cycle. Engagement drives analytics and analytics drive engagement! Some of this is happening today yet we are still in the early stages when it comes to engagement and analytics in enterprise collaboration.

via The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics.

We have all heard about the promise of Analytics – just most recently in announcements like IBM Mail Next from my employer -, but it is clear, that Analytics needs to prove its value in practical life. This is, what I am keen to see in the near future. Systems helping to improve work – not systems causing more work. And by the way: This is for me the promise of IBM Mail Next.

On the topic of engagement and analytics absolutely checkout the postings by Marie Wallace here, e.g. Reverse Engineering Employee Engagement

And if you are interested in her approach, just check out our new solution page at

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  1. Great post & totally agree that we need systems that do work for us and not just create work for us. For the last decade computers have funnelled more & more stuff at us causing Information Overload. Its about time that it actually did something with that data to help us get stuff done, instead of just moving stuff around.

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