Should I force (inactive) People to Unfollow Me on Twitter?

The Unfollow recommendation in
The Unfollow recommendation in

Ari Herzog writes about unfollowing on Twitter. I was considering to do that, but then I found a lot ‘friends’ following me, but not tweeting. Do they really ‘follow’? Or did they just forget to delete their Twitter account? Good question. But the approach is in general right. Beyond the enthusiasm or competition on numbers of followers, it is worth to focus on a vibrant network, not one out of date. What is your opinion?

Why I forced them to unfollow me

“Oh, look, @AriHerzog has 4800 followers. He must be someone special. I should follow him too!”

You know you say it. Something like that.

I wanted the number of people who followed me to be an accurate representation of real people — who still tweet today; and not outdated accounts that haven’t tweeted a message in years. …. They inflated me. They boosted your opinion of my influence.

I want you to follow me because of me. But moreover, in the age of social influence ranking systems such as Klout and Peer Index, I want to be current. I don’t want to carry around dead weight.

How I did it

Tinkering with Twitter management systems in recent months, my favorite is Tweepi. It’s simple. Most of its functions are free; but to do the above, I paid the developer $7 for the ability to perform advanced functions.

via I Forced 912 People to Unfollow Me on Twitter | Social Media Today.

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