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“Events are moving with twenty-first-century speed, often outpacing the institutions and systems designed for another age.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, statement to the General Assembly in September 2013


The world is more interconnected each day through modern web-based tools such as social networks and mobile technologies that allow for much more rapid, direct and efficient communication. Many of us are using these systems already in our private lives (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). We need to take advantage of similar technologies in the workplace to create new ways of working in order to more effectively deliver on our mandates.

1.5 million emails a day (60% are irrelevant) Across the Organization, many tools and processes currently in use hurt productivity. Studies show workers spend about 25% of their time just looking for information. In the UN, we send 1.5 million emails a day and 60% are immediately trashed, never opened or never responded to which means they are of little value! Shared drives are loaded with countless versions of old files and are not accessible outside the office. USB sticks are risky because viruses can be transferred, files can easily be overwritten, and drives can be lost exposing UN information to anyone. We need better, more efficient ways of working together and sharing information.

via Introducing Unite Connections – Your Social Networking Tool – YouTube.

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