Social and Digital Engagement & the CEO: My NO to Ghost Writing

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The good old question of leaders engaging internally or externally in social and digital channels:

Once leaders have decided that social and digital engagement is a strategic imperative, they must identify what their own role will be and should make the necessary commitment to be successful in that role. At a minimum they have to assume personal responsibility for being connected to the organization’s social and digital engagement efforts, both externally and internally. If the organization has Twitter accounts, for example, the leaders should follow them. If there are internal blogs, they should subscribe to and read as many of the most relevant ones as possible.

In many cases, it may be appropriate for leaders to assume a more active role, most notably through blogging and tweeting themselves, as well as posting and responding to items on internal social networks. This can’t be nominal engagement, however. Whenever possible, leaders should assume this responsibility directly rather than allowing someone to “ghost-post” for them. The need to express the leadership perspective using a genuine voice is more critical in the Digital Era than ever before.

via Social and Digital Engagement | Social Media Today.

I am not at all a friend of ghost writing, neither in external, nor in internal social channels. Understanding all the time constraints and other ‘pressures’, there needs to be some personal commitment, I believe …

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