“Email is now the dinosaur when it comes to collaboration” | Social Media Today

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Bryan Kramer interviewing the CEO of Selectica, Blaine Mathieu

Think of the sheer size and volume of the collaborative environments and outdated systems we currently use in corporate America – most notably, email. Email is now the dinosaur when it comes to collaboration. It may have been the go-to tool during our generation, but college grads coming out of school that are used to working in real time collaboration are much different workers. They grew up as active participants in the social revolution, so they look at email much differently than we do. Email collaboration is no longer considered real time; instead, our communication sits there waiting for someone to check it, if at all. This next generation of business professionals will change the company culture, and begin to shift the concept of cultural social collaboration, forcing organizations to adapt this new bottom-up system.

KEY TAKEAWAY: By having full transparency from the inside out, we are enabling the long-term adoption of true employee advocacy, collaborative communication and brand humanization. Now is the time for business to walk the talk and become social business, by taking cues from the next wave of working professionals and investing in more efficient, human ways to work together.

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