Some Statistics on Email in Business – Email Makes Your Employees Hate Their Jobs

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A great interesting article by Jacob Morgan. He is summarizing some interesting statistics. Perfect fit to The Daily Email Grind: What I Need from Future Email Systems and to the blog parade I am currently running on the future of email. Unfortunately most postings are in German language:

There are around 90 billion business emails sent out every single day.  According to Mimecast, an enterprise email management company, we spend around half of our working day (four hours) using email (although other reports have this number to be at around 25-30%). Additionally, 39% of users regularly send, receive, and check emails outside of working hours (Mimecast “The Shape of Email 2012″). This means that half of what we get paid to do as employees is use email.  This a scary statistic.

The amount of email employees get is so overwhelming that it’s oftentimes one of the first things people check in the morning and one of the last things they do before retiring to bed.  Radicati Group estimates that employees receive around 78 business emails a day and send around 37 a day.  This brings the total to around 115 emails a day (sent and received)! On average employees check their email 36 times an hour which amounts to 288 times a day for an eight hour work day.  To make matters worse it takes employees around 16 minutes to refocus on their tasks after handling email.

via 5 Ways Email Makes Your Employees Hate Their Jobs : CloudAve.

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