We can not afford anymore to hide knowledge in databases, eMails or archives | Harald Schirmer

Not for nothing Harald Schirmer received the LIDA Award (Leader Award in the Digital Age) this year at CeBIT. Here are some of his thoughts and infographic on Knowledge Management:

We can not afford anymore to hide knowledge in databases, eMails or archives – only if we grant easy access to it, we will be able to develop answers for our complex present and future. …

Knowledge does not need to be “managed” – it needs to “come alive” by USING it, SHARING it, adding to it. Social Media gives us great opportunities to do exactly that – there are just some pre-conditions to make this happen. With this Infographic I tried to build an “action – effect – chain” which should explain how it could work a lot better.

It is a starting point – hoping for your ideas, feedback and help!

In a corporate environment – it is essential, that this new way of sharing is supported by leaders – Human Resources would be the right partner to role model and engage this new behavior:

via Infographic about organizational learning and knowledge management | Harald Schirmer.

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