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Perfect fit to my presentation on the 10 Ingredients  for a Successful  ‘System of Engagement’  in Marketing:

In fact, the pace of change in modern marketing, and speed at which customers are moving, are so turbo-charged that marketing pros don’t stand a chance if they’re using outdated platforms to run old-style marketing campaigns. More than 90 percent of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because they received irrelevant messages and promotions.

As consumers ourselves, we can relate. My personal email account overflows with unwanted marketing pitches.

Social “listening” helps companies tune in to what customers are saying and respond in real time with messages that better reflect their here-and-now sentiments and interests, according to Bradford. And socially-enabled modern marketing delivers information, content, and promotions to on-the-go consumers through whatever channel or touch point they choose.

via How Social ‚Listening‘ Enables Real-Time Marketing.

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